Hello People of the Internet!

Hi guys! Welcome to my blog. Actual posts should be starting up in the next week or so, but I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself and talk about the purpose of this blog. I’ll also be making a separate post to let you guys know what kind of things you can expect to see over the next month or two.

I am heading into my sophomore year at Juniata College, studying Media for Social Change with a secondary emphasis in Physics (at least, that’s the plan). Long term, I’m hoping to work as a full time as a professional author, writing novels, poetry, short stories, and blogs like this. I’d also like to write children’s books, both fiction and nonfiction, and possibly do some work on the other side of the publishing business.

When discussing media, I tend to focus on issues of gender, sexuality, and disability representation, as well as classism. While I will acknowledge and sometimes discuss race issues on this blog (particularly as they intersect with the other issues I discuss), I will usually link to someone more qualified to discuss them because, well, I’m white.

Some context on where I’m coming from:

I live in the US, specifically the North Eastern US. I spent most of my life in a fairly liberal town in New York. I currently identify as asexual, and am trying to figure out whether I am aromantic as well. Up until this summer, I identified as either bi or pansexual (except for a brief period in middle school when I identified as a lesbian, and prior to middle school, when I didn’t identify as…much of anything). I am in general happy to answer politely asked questions about my sexuality and romantic identity, and my journey of discovery regarding them. (As for my gender identity, that is a whole other very confusing question that I do not know the answer to. But hey, college student. Questioning my identity is sort of my job, right?…Except I get to pay to go to a place and do it, instead of getting paid.)

I am Jewish, born a conservative Jew, and religiously I refer to myself as a Pagan Jew. My mother’s family are Ashkenazim, my father is a convert who finds himself drawn to Kabbalistic Judaism and to Sephardic tradition. I am currently exploring Kabbalistic Judaism, which has made me feel much more comfortable with Judaism. I came to this partly through my spiritual journey, and partly as part of researching my next novel, which will be a young adult fantasy book based on early Jewish mythology and oral tradition.

I have struggled with disability for most of my life, although it is only fairly recently that I began applying the “disabled” label to myself. I have GERD and chronic migraine (which, together, severely restrict my diet). I also have depression (although my diagnosis may be revised to bipolar disorder), and an anxiety disorder. In addition, I suffered from disassociation and delusion for several years, and still sometimes do. While I may be predisposed to this, it is largely a trauma response.

 So, that’s me. I hope this helped with context. Welcome to the blog.


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