Unfortunately due to health things packing has taken longer than I thought, so the Lucy review will be my last post before I go on hiatus.

Feel free to send me suggestions of things to talk about at

I will update with an official return date, but when I return (most likely early October), you can expect, I hope, a minimum of one post a week.

During the hiatus I will be getting settled in at school and putting together a backlog of posts to try to ensure steady posting when I get back.

Some of the things I plan to write about:

  • Doctor Who and its history
  • Jewish children’s and YA books
  • Adventure Time
  • My Little Pony
  • Steven Universe
  • Octavia Butler (in particular, her short stories)
  • In October, I will be talking about horror movies and their use of mental illness

One final note: It is possible that some of these plans will change once I actually get back to school and figure out how I need to schedule things in order to maintain my grades and health. Some of the classes I am taking this semester are very time intensive (modern physics), and I will not know exactly how much time I have until things have gotten started. There could also be unexpected hiatuses, because my priority will be my health and my schoolwork, in that order.


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