A quick update on blogging things.

I have some blog posts that I’m working on, but personal/life/work/education issues have effected my plans somewhat. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I’ll be doing with this blog. I’ve decided that my goal this year is to get something published, which means that my focus has to shift somewhat. Currently, I’m thinking that I may continue posting some, perhaps less formally. Posts would probably mostly be book recommendations (probably crossposted to Goodreads and Amazon), and posts about tv shows that are currently airing, like Doctor Who (again, less formal than my usual analysis).

More formal posts, including some on Doctor Who and some in my Archetypal Looking Glass, are on hold for an indefinite period of time. What I’m going to do is build up a few months worth of posts–similar to a television season–and then post them. But with online courses, poetry, short stories, novel research, and my actual paying job (I’m really excited about having an actual paying job, you guys), that could be a while.

I’ll be posting a similar update over on Seashells, since posting will be changing over there, too.