About This Blog

This blog contains reviews and discussion of media and diversity. Specifically, I will focus on issues of disability, gender, and ethnicity. With regards to race and ethnicity my main focus is on anti-Semitism and issues that overlap with it, although I will certainly not ignore other issues. This is because these are the issues I feel most comfortable addressing, as I am most educated about them and can speak personally. If you have personal experience you would like to share with me, please do.

This blog is updated every other Tuesday, alternating with my other blog, Scribbling on Seashells.

I welcome discussion on this blog, however, given the issues I’m going to be addressing, I will be moderating.

Posts are typically edited by Morgan Smith; if you find an error, feel free to message me.

I am accepting requests and suggestions for content. More information can be found on the “Contact Me” page.

You can also follow this blog on Tumblr.


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