My story got published!

So, obviously it’s been a while since I posted here (many ideas, few spoons, little time) but…

Look what came in the mail today!
(Image Description: Three images of the ZNB anthology Were-: one a selfie of me with a copy, one a stack of books, and one a picture of the first page of my story.)

My name! In print! On a page! I’m super excited, friends.

The trade paperback should be available September 15, and you can preorder it on Kindle now. It will also be available on Nook, Kobo, etc.

Also, check out ZNB’s new kickstarter:


A quick update on blogging things.

I have some blog posts that I’m working on, but personal/life/work/education issues have effected my plans somewhat. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I’ll be doing with this blog. I’ve decided that my goal this year is to get something published, which means that my focus has to shift somewhat. Currently, I’m thinking that I may continue posting some, perhaps less formally. Posts would probably mostly be book recommendations (probably crossposted to Goodreads and Amazon), and posts about tv shows that are currently airing, like Doctor Who (again, less formal than my usual analysis).

More formal posts, including some on Doctor Who and some in my Archetypal Looking Glass, are on hold for an indefinite period of time. What I’m going to do is build up a few months worth of posts–similar to a television season–and then post them. But with online courses, poetry, short stories, novel research, and my actual paying job (I’m really excited about having an actual paying job, you guys), that could be a while.

I’ll be posting a similar update over on Seashells, since posting will be changing over there, too.

(Very Late) Schedule Change

Starting today, I’ll be taking a short break from both my blogs. Posting should resume late August/early September,.

If you’re interested in keeping up with my life (and pets) you can go over to Disabled Dragon, which is my personal blog (and which isn’t updated on any particular schedule).

Announcement and Schedule Change: Passover Break

I had originally planned to post the introduction to a series of posts this week, because I entirely failed to realize that Passover started on Friday night. So instead of working, I’ve been cooking (so much cooking).

Instead, I’m going to put up a book recommendation this Tuesday that’s slightly out of this blog’s purview, but not too far–it’s poetry rather than genre fiction. But, as you may have guessed if you read my other blog, I really like poetry (and also, I know the poet). So there you go.

I may also post something holiday related on Seashells this week, we’ll see.

One more thing! I will be going to Ad Astra next week, so I may try to write a post about that.

Blog Updates

Hi! It’s been a while. I’ve been working on some pretty big projects that compare a lot of different works, similar to what I was hoping to do back in October (although with an entirely different subject. I’ll be devoting a lot of time over the next month or two to writing for this blog, and hopefully I’ll be able to get a nice backlog of posts built up and a more steady posting schedule (most likely every other week) before I move my focus on to other projects. I’m not certain when exactly I’ll be starting posting again but it should be sometime this month. I’ll be posting mostly write-ups of books for a while. In particular I’ll be looking at YA scifi and fantasy, and at supernatural romance: both stuff I don’t like and, hopefully, stuff that I do. I’m also looking at fairy tales–both older collections and modern adaptations in film, television, or literature–and how they portray women.

You can keep up with my reading, if you’re interested, over at Goodreads.

If you have any suggestions of material for me to look at, please contact me.

In April (I think it’s April) I’ll be doing a guest post at Disability in Kidlit, which is a really great blog that I highly encourage you to check out.

One other piece of news: I’m currently planning to go to ConBravo in July (for the first time), so if you see me, feel free to say hi!

Things That Aren’t Actually Satire (And Why it Maybe Doesn’t Matter, Anyway)

I have always been a fan of satire. For quite a while in high school Gulliver’s Travels was one of my favorite books, despite the horrid third section that people sometimes pretend doesn’t exist (this may be because the first time I read it all the way through I was reading Asimov’s annotation, and the fact that he spent most of that section making snarky comments in the margins made the whole thing much more bearable). I also grew up watching Dinosaurs, a television show from the nineties that I only recently realized is actually a fantastic example of modern satire.

There is a trend, however, whether recent or not I don’t know, for people to make offensive jokes and perpetuate stereotypes under the guise of being satirical. There are a few problems with this.

First, what they are doing is often not actually satire.

Second, if it is satire, then that doesn’t make it less offensive or harmful. Satire is used as a criticism; if what you are criticizing is marginalized groups, it can still technically be satire, but that doesn’t make your criticism valid. Calling your hatred satire also doesn’t make it criticism. If you are targeting marginalized groups, calling your hate (or your hate-infused “criticism”) “satire” doesn’t make you anti-establishment or anti-majority (and of course, you can be anti-establishment without being particularly progressive). South Park is maybe one of the strongest examples of “satire” being used to excuse bigotry, in my opinion. A recent episode targeted trans individuals. I will admit I did not watch it, but I do know that it resulted in a lot of anxiety and an increase in bullying for some trans people I know.

Similarly, people will often excuse slurs and other types of speech attacking marginalized groups with phrases like “not bowing to political correctness”. The idea is the same: that somehow they are the ones defying oppressors, that they are being somehow fresh and progressive by regurgitating the same hate speech that people have heard a thousand times before. That they are opposing an oppressive status quo, when in fact they are supporting the oppressive systems that are in place. But the part in Gulliver’s Travels where Gulliver visits Japan isn’t magically better because Swift was writing a satire, and no matter how many times you say that you are being satirical or fighting censorship, your bigotry is still bigotry, and it is still hurting people. If you want an example of this phenomenon, go read just about any comments section–it’ll come up eventually. Over, and over, and over again.

Satire is a useful tool for political and societal criticism. But it is only satire if it is actually criticizing something, and being criticism does not somehow protect something from being wrong or offensive.

So, with all of this in mind, on December 8th I will be posting “Things that Are Actually Satire: Dinosaurs”.


Blog Announcement

I am currently trying figure out a treatment plan for my fibromyalgia. Unfortunately this is turning out to be a long and exhausting process, and at the moment my ability to work is extremely unpredictable. As a result, I can’t post as regularly as I had hoped. I will be posting things as I am able to write them, but I can’t currently give any kind of definite schedule.

My review of The Final is about half done, but I’m not sure when I will be able to finish and upload it. I will try to post at least a short conclusion to Realm-o-Ween, but no guarantees.