Ferguson: How You Can Help

With the recent events in Ferguson and the resulting protests across the country, I’m sure a lot of you are looking for ways they can help, especially if you are unable to attend protests due to geography, financial situation, or disability (as is my case). I also know that a lot of people like to give to charity on Thanksgiving in particular.

Some basic things you can do:

  • Spread information (but be careful what information you spread; there is already plenty of misinformation being spread by the media). This includes information on things like how to deal with tear gas, although again, make sure the information is correct.
  • Give money (a list of places to donate is below)
  • Sign petitions (again, a list is below)
  • Write to your congressmen. Some advice on that is here.
  • Elevate black voices: If you aren’t black, this isn’t your fight to lead. Take your cues from black protesters and help spread the words of black activists and artists. I’m currently compiling a list of black artists and their novels, poems, blogs, movies, songs, etc which I will be promoing on here. If you would like to contribute (or if you are a black artist and would like me to promo your work), you can email me at eliora.smith@gmail.com.

Places to Donate:

  • The Ferguson Public Library has been providing students with food, a place to go, and some much-needed entertainment throughout. They did this back in August when the start of school was delayed, and they are doing it now that schools are closed.
  • The St Louis Food Bank
  • The Bail and Legal Fund which will go to pay the legal fees of people arrested during demonstrations in Ferguson
  • You can also give money to the Ferguson Defense Fund, which has very similar goals
  • The Legal Support Fund also provides money for legal fees and support for the protesters
  • Hands Up United is a movement formed by Ferguson Youth. You can read about their goals, demands, and approaches at the link.
  • The Organisation for Black Struggle, which was founded in 1980–read more about their agenda at the link, or go to “Happenings” to find out what they’re doing now
  • Operation Help or Hush provides provides shelter and food for those organizing protests as well as protesters themselves, among other things.

Petitions to sign: